With more than 30 years of dance event production under our belts, it is with much anticipation and excitement that we present Elevation on Tour! Our goal is to deliver a fresh experience designed to exceed your expectations in every way and elevate the industry as a whole. Our passion for serving the dance community has challenged us to think outside the box to create a place where dancers of all levels will grow in both artistry and character!
Each and every facet of Elevation has been thoughtfully designed to reflect our core values…

We invest in building relationships to impact the
culture through our exceptional SERVICE.
We rely on INTEGRITY to guide all aspects of our business;
We are unwavering in our commitment to fairness and honesty.
We craft an atmosphere of encouragement and positivity to INSPIRE
your dancers to be their very best!
We achieve EXCELLENCE through exceptional organization, fanatical
attention to detail and our drive to exceed expectations on every level.
We listen and evolve seeking INNOVATIVE ways to
constantly improve the Elevation experience


Every single person involved with Elevation is passionate about reflecting our core values as demonstrated by…

A SERVANT-HEARTED MANAGEMENT TEAM who will stop at nothing to
bring each Dancer, Teacher, Parent and Friend their very best!
Highly qualified and SERVANT-HEARTED ADJUDICATORS committed to delivering engaging
and inspiring critiques from the very first to the very last performance!
SERVANT-HEARTED MASTER CLASS TEACHERS who strive to inspire dancers
to be their very best both on and off the dance floor!
SERVANT-HEARTED EVENT STAFF eager to WOW you with the “Elevation Way!”


Hospitality Suite for Studio Owners and Faculty
Dedicated Warm-Up Area
Tiered Pricing Structure for Group Entries
Required Training for our Adjudicators
Innovative Evaluation Structure to provide the Highest Quality Critiques
Anonymity to promote the Fairest Possible Competitive Environment
Pre-Pro Division with its own unique Evaluation and Awards Structure
À La Carte Master Classes offered throughout the event schedule

“I’ve worked for Kristina and Brie in some capacity for almost 2 decades and I have experienced first hand the level of quality and integrity that they bring to everything they are involved in. They are the perfect example of executing high quality dance events, while never leaving out the “heart” part of it. Both are equally important, and they bring both! In my experience, their attention to detail is above and beyond. They hold themselves and everyone around her to an amazingly high standard. When I first heard about their new venture “Elevation”, I knew immediately that it was a much-needed project and I have no doubts about it’s future success. I am confident and excited that this will change the expectations and industry standards in competitive studio dance events!”

Cara Switzer, Ambition Dance Productions
“Kristina and Brie are simply the best! These two ladies are dedicated to not only providing a high quality product for their clients, but also treating each and every person with great professionalism and kindness. Guided by years of experience in the dance competition industry, there is no doubt that Kristina and Brie will produce a top notch event. If you’re in search of a competition with the utmost diligence, integrity, and class look no further- Elevation is the one!”
Kori Moore, Premiere Dance Center

“A new competition with the attention to customer service CP has is exactly what the industry needs. They get it right, create an incredible competitive atmosphere and provide quality judging.  I am looking forward to it!”

Carrie Sellers , Talent and More

My work experience with Kristina Cross and Brie Pena has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve fortunately had the pleasure of working with them for over nine years and they’re ability to adapt quickly at all of their events, accommodate their clients, staff and contractors is beyond amazing. The integrity of their company is evident with pure professionalism that goes way beyond industry standards. Their organization is a true class act! If you’re looking for top notch service, quality experiences and a knack for detail, then Elevation on Tour is the way to go.

Terrill Mitchell

“I am so excited for this new adventure for Kristina and Brie! Elevation On Tour will be the newest up in coming dance competition that you will want in your studios circuit. They have the most knowledgeable staff and judges that will provide the best experience possible. Their attention to detail and quality of service for their clients will have studios leaving excited they participated in this competition. They hold each other and their staff to the highest standards and will do so with utmost integrity.  I can’t wait for Elevation On Tour!”

Amber Houser, Amotion Dance

I have known Kristina Cross for over 20 years, many things have changed in the dance industry during that time frame, but some things have remained unchanged. Kristina’s attention to detail has only gotten more refined. Her professionalism is in a league of it’s own, she always listens to and tries to accommodate individual needs and concerns. What I admire most about Kristina is her integrity, she is the same amazing woman all of the time! Her character, expertise, judgment and dedication are just a few of the reasons Kristina has had amazing success in the dance industry! I always know when I attend one of her competitions that it will be run like a “well oiled machine”! Congratulations on branching out into the dance world! I wish you all the luck and God’s blessings!

Stacey Willms, Stacey’s Dance Studio, Kingwood Strutters, Stacey’s Elite